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Echo Group LLC is a premier Medical Resource and Training Company that is committed to providing our clients with the best possible medical support and training.  With numerous years of experience, our Team consists of personnel from high acuity 911 EMS systems, Emergency Room Nurses, Flight Nurses, Emergency Room Physicians, Critical Care Paramedics, Tactical Medics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Firefighters and Instructors. We have the ability to conduct numerous medical operations and trainings worldwide.  Our progressive medical protocols, in a lot of cases more advanced than local EMS services, allows our company to provide a quality of service that is difficult to match.

Echo Group LLC has proved to be a leader in the industry of combat sports by offering IV re-hydration therapy to Mixed Martial Artists, Boxers, and other high intensity athletes. Click here for more information on this therapy. This safe and effective way of re-hydrating ensures that these athletes are hydrated prior to entering an event.

Echo Group is able to provide a virtual classroom to individuals that are not able to access traditional EMS Continuing Education (CEs) trainings or EMS Refreshers. Our training catalog contains many certified CE programs that an individual can access 24/7. These are classified as "on-line" CEs and only 10 of these hours can be used to relicense per the National Registry of EMTs guidelines.

Our affiliation with Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell and working closely with the New Mexico EMS Bureau has allowed us to create a dynamic, cutting edge interactive training program. Under the Medical Direction of Dr Thomas Wulf, we are a fully certified Emergency Medical Special Event Rescue Service and have been approved for a training program by the NM EMS Bureau.

By creating an interactive virtual classroom, Echo Group is able to conduct Continuing Education training and these count as interactive CEs. It doesn't matter whether you are 10 feet away from the instructor or 10,000 miles away working on a remote location; these CEs are the same as if you are in the classroom. By conducting the National Registry Blueprint, you are able to complete an EMT, Advanced EMT and even Paramedic Refreshers from your remote location. By being able to engage with our experienced Instructor Cadre, you are able to interact, real time, and get the best training possible. These are scheduled in advance and require the student to log in via video conferencing, be punctual and an active participant, essentially the exact same thing as a classroom.

Echo Group LLC holds a Continuing Education number from the NM EMS Bureau #215034. w






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